Getting Started

If you are new to working out, never experienced CrossFit, or have limited experience with the Olympic lifts, i.e. Snatch, Clean, etc., we invite you to complete On-Ramp. On-Ramp is a series of 4 one-on-one sessions and 2 supervised classes with a trainer to learn all about CrossFit. On-Ramp is completed over a 2 week period.

The cost for On-Ramp is $175 and includes a 30 day membership upon On-Ramp completion. On-Ramp is offered at 7AM and 6PM Monday – Friday.

During On-Ramp you will learn the basic fundamental movements, be introduced to the equipment, learn what it means to ‘scale’ workouts and participate in a WOD. Your On-Ramp membership also includes a Hydrostatic Body Composition Test performed by Southeastern Body Composition at our location. Once you have completed the classes you will be prepared and ready to join the regular classes.


Anyone can do CrossFit, and that includes you…. That’s right- regardless of the physical condition you are in when you start. CrossFit works because it can be tailored or “scaled” to your individual ability level, age, and goals. The CrossFit method has been used successfully for everyone from competitive athletes, to grandparents, to disabled veterans, allowing everyone with a desire to improve their physical well being, regardless of age or physical condition to “Discover their inner Athlete”

The “workout of the day” or the “WOD” that we perform every day in our facility often looks like hard work, but the workout is only as hard as you make it. Our program will challenge you every day in new ways, never allowing you to slip into a routine.

With the help of a fun and supportive environment, and with a team of the most knowledgeable coaches you have ever come across, we can help you achieve the best results of your life. You provide the effort and we guarantee results!

CrossFit is known for it’s comradery among clients. This cannot be explained easily with words. It is something you must experience to appreciate.

We are a ‘family’. We are from many different walks of life but we all have the same common thread. We are willing to do the work today to make us better tomorrow. Everyone has a story and at the end of the day CrossFit plays a role in our journey to improve our health and overall well being physically, mentally and even spiritually for some. All you have to do is ask and CrossFitters will GLADLY share their passion!

CrossFit Kids / CrossFit Teens

In today’s world, strength and conditioning training for our youth is more important than ever. We currently offer training for kids ages 6-17 in a class setting led by professional trainers who are dedicated to help your child be their best! Games, running, rowing, gymnastics, weight training, and so much more are integrated into fun filled classes, helping to develop your child into an active and energetic athlete.
Classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:15 pm. Rates are $55/month or a $15 drop in fee. As always, there are no contracts. Your child can give CrossFit Kids or CrossFit Teens a try for free for a week anytime!


We are excited to offer HIIT-Fit at Dawson CrossFit!
HIIT-Fit is a boot camp style High Intensity Interval Training class designed to create a leaner, stronger, more flexible You. It is a 45 minute class that incorporates mobility, strength, and cardio into a full body workout. You can expect to tone your core, improve your balance, and gain overall strength and conditioning… all in a fun, engaging atmosphere!
Come try it! All HIIT-Fit classes are open to the public and free to try for a week. You are welcome to attend them all and fall in love with HIIT-Fit!
Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 5:15pm.