The mission of Dawson CrossFit is to provide the highest quality General Physical Preparedness in a safe, community focused environment.

Fitness and Health

Our Purpose: To serve a community and guide members to be as healthy, mentally and physically, as possible.

What We Are About

  • Dawson CrossFit is more than a gym or a place to work out, it’s a community of people dedicated to improving their lives, health, and physical ability.
  • We are mothers and fathers who want the strength to care for their children and be active again.
  • We are grandparents and senior citizens that want to fight off major health threats while retaining the ability to live independently and enjoy longer and fuller lives.
  • We are competitive athletes, soldiers, police and firefighters looking for the edge in competitive sports, at work, or on the field of combat.
  • We are children and teens who are getting introduced to healthy fitness habits early in life.
  • We are all Athletes.

What Others Say

Recent testimonials from our athletes

Awesome Box!

This place is awesome. My wife and I transferred from another box and we were welcomed with open arms as were other first timers. Coach Charlie was very attentive and kept the class moving with ease. Nice selection of equipment and a really great vibe.

Jamey Bunch

Wonderful Experience

This has been a wonderful experience. It doesn’t matter what your ability level the coaching staff will make certain to find a way to help you become stronger individuals. I love coming to class here.

Elizabeth Marie Frazier

Come Back for More

I have fallen in love with working out at Dawson Cross Fit. I have never stuck to any kind of work out and this has got me wanting to come back for more. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the workouts are always different and challenging. I like that my little boy can work out as well on kids night.

Rhonda Dennis

Super Friendly

I have been to several boxes, and Dawson CF is by far the best I have been to! Everyone has been super friendly!!! I had never done box jumps, a correct push up, or even tried a pull up. (2 years into CF) I’m now doing all of them and more! I just completed my 20.1 today, and I couldn’t feel better. I look forward to many many more WODs with great coaches, and learning new faces and making new friends!

Amber Beck

Check Us Out For Yourself

Are you interested in trying a class for free?

Contact us to make an appointment for a  “Free Introductory Class”. You will have the opportunity to talk with our coaches about your goals and jump in on a beginner-level workout for free!

Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing

Get tested to make a step towards real progress. Accurately benchmark your fitness level in just 10 minutes.

What It Is

Hydrostatic Weighing is the most widely used test of body density and has always been the criterion measure for other indirect measures.

Why Measure Body Composition

Weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and pounds that come from lean body mass (your bones, organs and muscle).


Knowing your numbers can help you reach your goals. Testing results include lean mass and individual resting metabolic rates, which are key to nutrition planning.


We are now offering Hydrostatic Body Composition at Dawson CrossFit Bi-Monthly. Contact us for more information or click below to schedule your test.

Dawson CrossFit Partners

Everything you need under one roof

FitBunch Meal Prep

Supplying the community of Dawson CrossFit with ready cooked meals. Each meal is made with love, from scratch, with nutrient dense, whole food ingredients. From fuel to recovery, we’ve got you covered! 

Med Massage

Using techniques including medical massage, deep tissue massage, and neuromuscular release / stretching, Carla is sure to get you back on the gym floor!

River of Life

Helping people heal through both natural and holistic practices, River of Life is now located at Dawson Sports and Wellness.  Give Greg a call today!

Fellowship Of Christian Athletes

We are proud to have Sam Reed and FCA Dawson/Forsyth on campus. Encouraging coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport, FCA is a cornerstone in athletics


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